Pat left for Germany

K= McDonald's happy meal at 4pm, pretzel at Dulles Town Center
E= Pretzel at Dulles Town Center 

M= General Tso's Surprise and brown rice from Sunflower
 K+E= Macaroni and cheese from a box
P= Bacon cheeseburger, fries and a Frostee (Wendy's)
M= Chicken sandwich (Wendy's)
Viva Vienna
Lots of eating at odd times
the boys ate plenty and didn't really have 'dinner' when we got home

P= Leftovers
M= Trader Joe's potstickers and chedder beer bread 
All= French chicken in a pot, au jus, boiled potatos with butter & parsley, asparagus and peas 
K+E= Leftover macaroni and cheese
P+M= Omelets with ham, asparagus and cheddar 
P+K+E= Chicken drumettes, peas
M= Smoked turkey sandwich and chips from Panera via Sephora 
P+K+E= Pasta with italian sausage & tomato sauce, berry smash cake & chocolate pudding

M= Uncle Julio's Rio Grande Cafe in Reston Shrimp wrapped in cheese and bacon & magaritas 
All: Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes with fresh blueberries 
Emmett's half birthday (which we will celebrate Tuesday since I was work tonight)

P+K+E= Trader Joe's frozen pizza, animal cracker
M=  Trader Joe's lobster bisque and GORP
All= Mac & cheese (homemade) 
M+P= Ham steak, asparagus, sweet potoato
E = Ham steak
K = Jam sandwich (?) 
P+K+E= Leftover pasta
M= Black Bean, Bacon & Cilantro Soup from the caterer lady at the Oakton market and pork potstickers
P= Pork potstickers 
K+E= Leftover mac 'n' cheese
M+P= Pasta with lemon-garlic-basil shrimp and fresh asparagus
K+E= Pasta with butter
K+E=Yogurt, plain or  with raspberry jam
M+P= Potsticker pockets and strawberry rhubarb crisp

M+P+K+E= Burger and fries at Five Guys 

Happy Mother's Day

M+K+E= Leftover homemade mac 'n' cheese and strawberry rhubarb crisp
K+E= Farmer's market strawberries and TJ's pepperoni pizza 
M= TJ's Palermo pizza 
P= Maine
P+K+E=Macaroni & cheese
P=Taco Bell burrito supreme
M=Taco Bell cheese quesadilla, cheesy bean & rice burrito, pudding 
K+E=Yogurt with strawberry jam
M+P= California Tortilla (Carribean Jerk, Honey Lime, chips & queso) 
All= Baked rotini with meat sauce and mozzarella

Dessert= From scratch chocolate pudding 
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